Medibank Icehouse has been a long time in the making, with more than ten years of planning behind the complex as it stands today.

Ice Sports Australia (ISA) is the original company behind the development of this world-class facility. ISA founder, Andrew Shelton has worked closely with ING Real Estate Development Australia (ING) to deliver the project.

Shelton formed ISA in 1997 to promote the development of an international standard ice sports facility for Melbourne in response to the lack of facilities available at the time. Shelton thought that Melbournians would embrace ice skating and the four ice sports if they were properly presented in a world-class facility.

Drawing on international examples, ISA developed a concept for a world-class training and competition facility for elite athletes, which would also be a high quality venue for public recreational skating. The inclusion of two Olympic size rinks meant that ice sports and recreational skating could both be flexibly catered for.

These activities were to be supported by facilities such as a café, bar, gymnasium, specialist sports medicine clinic, and a 1,000 seat spectator grandstand, allowing hosting of top-level competitions and, potentially, world–championship events. This has been acheived with Medibank Icehouse.

VicUrban, the development authority for Docklands, supported the idea of an ice sports centre and worked with ISA to identify a suitable site.

After extensive evaluation by the Government, and a formal competitive process, ISA secured a $10 million contribution towards the project from the Victorian Government. ING agreed to develop the $58 million project as part of the development of the Waterfront City precinct.

The Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA), which is an official Olympic Training Centre, agreed to relocate its programs and administration to Medibank Icehouse, ensuring Medibank Icehouse’s position as the national centre for ice sports in Australia.

Geoff Henke, the Chairman of the OWIA and a former Vice President of the Australian Olympic Committee, was a key supporter throughout the long journey, sharing a vision for a world-class ice sports centre for Melbourne. He was instrumental in assisting ISA to obtain government contribution.

An outstanding and dedicated team of consultants has worked on this project, in many cases for more than 10 years.

Medibank Icehouse was designed by Melbourne based Cox Architects in collaboration with Canadian ice-sports specialist architects, Brisbin Brook Beynon, and international engineers ARUP.








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