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Curling is played by over 2 million people in 33 countries around the world and has been an Olympic Sport since 1998.  Over 500 years old, it is a game of fitness and finesse, strategy and skill.

As a non-contact sport, curling is accessible to a wide range of players from youth to seniors.

Played in teams of four people, curling has much in common with lawn bowls, with each team sliding eight 20kg granite ‘stones’ along the ice, hoping to end up closest to the 'centre house'.

As a stone makes its way along the ice, teammates ‘sweep’ the ice to get a greater level of control over the stone’s pace and a increase the chances of landing closest to the centre house.

Founded in 1984, the Victorian Curling Association is Australia's largest active curling club. The VCA hosts two ‘Bonspiels’ (competitions) every year, one in June and one in August.

In 2006 and 2007, the VCA hosted the Australian National Curling Championships, where teams from around Australia compete in various categories, including Mens, Ladies, Juniors, Mixed Open and Mixed Doubles.

With the VCA making its home at Medibank Icehouse from 2010, this is a great opportunity to discover curling, the perfect sporting activity for the entire family, and a great new pastime for any age.

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