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18th birthday parties

Tips to help you plan the perfect 18th birthday party

18th birthday parties celebrate one of life’s biggest milestones – in Australia, turning 18 means being able to legally drink a beer, drive a car solo and being known as an “adult” from that day on. Most teens approaching 18 have been planning the big bash months – or even years – in advance.

And to the apprehension of many a parent, most of these kinds of 18th birthday parties involve a fair amount of drinking and general rowdiness. Many 18th birthday parties take place in pubs or at reception centres, and revolve around a long guest list and big bar tab.

Not every 18-year-old wants a big alcohol-fueled extravaganza though, particularly those with friends who are still 17. If you’re looking for an 18th birthday party that’s a little more low-key and underage-friendly, you might consider choosing a venue that doesn’t centre on drinking – somewhere that allows you to have fun with your friends, maybe have a champagne with your parents and wake up the next day with all your special memories still intact.

Start by thinking of a fun main activity that people of all ages can enjoy – like ice skating or karaoke, for example – and then research appropriate venues and make your selection. It’s a good idea to look for a venue that’s central and close to public transport and taxi ranks – if any of your guests do end up having one drink too many, you want them to be able to get home easily and safely. Aim to book as early as you can to ensure you get the date you want for your 18th birthday party, and send out your invitations well in advance.

Tip: No matter what kind of 18th birthday party you have, it’s always a nice touch to get someone to create a photo board. The photo board should include the best photos of the birthday boy or girl through the years, highlighting any special accomplishments.

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