30th birthday parties

Tips for planning a fun 30th birthday party

Whether you approach it with enthusiasm or with horror, the “big 3-0” is a significant milestone is anyone’s life and deserves a good celebration. A 30th birthday is all about looking into the future to the exciting decade ahead, but it’s also about looking behind – at the accomplishments of your adult life so far, and all the way back to your earliest years when life was simple.

Some of the best 30th birthday parties are the ones that really focus on this theme of reminiscing – through photo boards, thoughtful speeches and a guest list that includes people who’ve known and loved you best.

If you like the idea of rewinding time on the night of your 30th party, choose a theme that reminds you of your younger days. You could go for an 80s theme – dig out your Duran Duran t-shirt and legwarmers and dance to your old favourites.

In terms of a 30th birthday party venue, look for a venue that brings back memories of your early birthday parties. Before you leave your foolish years behind you, why not have one big night of childish fun? Investigate hiring a venue that will allow you to play some silly games like “Musical Chairs” or trivia game; alternatively, find a venue that offers a main activity, like karaoke or ice skating.

You might even like to go the whole hog with some fun party food – think party pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread and – of course – birthday cake! Many party venues offer packages that take care of the catering, entertainment and the clean-up, so you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy.

If you’re thinking of a more sophisticated affair, you might like to look into a modern bar setting. Ideally, try find somewhere that can offer you some privacy in the form of a dedicated room or roped-off area – it might cost a little more, but you only have a 30th birthday party once, and you’ll have a better time with just you and your guests. Finger food is still more than fine, just make sure there’s lots of food and drink available during the course of your party (and perhaps replace the fairy bread with something like bruschetta).

Ultimately, you’ll have a fantastic time at your 30th birthday party if you can just relax and let your hair down; don’t worry about making everything perfect. Enjoy the celebration of your life so far with the people you love, and look forward to your 30s – most people say it’s the best decade yet!

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