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Planning the perfect adults’ birthday party

Kids aren’t the only ones who love a birthday party – whether they admit it or not, most adults enjoy a big bash in their honour too.

Funnily enough, planning an adults’ birthday party can sometimes be more difficult than planning a party for a child.

The formula for kids’ parties is tried-and-true – dress-ups, lollies, party food, cake and fun activities.

When it comes to adult birthday parties, the options seem limitless and the audience much less easy to please. Adult birthday party ideas are becoming more creative than ever – for a really special shindig, barbequed burgers and beers no longer seem to be enough.

The key to a memorable adult birthday party is finding the perfect venue. Once you’ve chosen a date and settled on a rough guest list, start researching locations – keeping in mind the age range of your guests, look for a party venue that offers a unique theme or activity that will be fun for all and make your party the highlight of the year.

Tip: If you plan to have alcohol served at your adult birthday party, try to find a venue that is central and close to taxis and/or public transport to make it easy for your guests to get to your party and safely home again.

Of course, if you’re a whiz in the kitchen and don’t mind putting in a fair amount of planning, you can have your party at home. Try to come up with some creative party ideas to keep everyone entertained, rope-in some helpers and prepare yourself for a bit of hard work!

Whether you decide to have your adults’ birthday party at home or at a dedicated party venue, give some careful consideration to food and drink – more specifically, make sure there’s lots of it! Spring rolls, mini pizzas, and bruschetta are always popular as party fare; for beverages – wine, beer and soft drink should be sufficient. Many party venues will take care of all the catering and serving of drinks for you, so you can relax and enjoy.

Aim to send out your invitations around four weeks in advance to ensure your party gets a spot on the calendar. Enlist helpers to make sure you don’t feel swamped as the day approaches and remember that above all, birthday parties should be fun – let your hair down and have a ball!

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