birthday party ideasBirthday party ideas

Ideas to help you create the perfect birthday party

Coming up with unique and exciting birthday party ideas seems to be getting harder and harder as birthday parties become more elaborate – a simple sleepover or backyard get-together no longer seems to do the trick. But you don’t have to hire the cast of a travelling circus or arrange an appearance by Justin Bieber to have a memorable bash – all it takes is one or two creative birthday party ideas.

Here are a few fun birthday party ideas to get you started:

Dress-up themes

Dress-up themes are a fantastic birthday party idea for all ages – the fun of getting ready usually puts your guests in a party mood even before they walk through the door.

For kids, it will often depend on who or what is the latest craze – include the birthday boy or girl in the planning so you know exactly what they like and think is cool. Some timeless kids’ birthday party themes include princesses and fairies, superheroes and cowboys. Older kids might enjoy a “Harry Potter” or “under-the-sea” theme.

For adults, the options are endless. Novel ideas include decade-based themes (80s themes are always popular, or themes based on the year of your birth), themes based on a letter of the alphabet, masquerade and “back-to-school” themes.

Fun activities

Find a main activity that’s fun for everyone and can become the focus of the party – this will ensure the guests are entertained and take the pressure off you. Some unique ideas include ice skating or roller skating (fun for all ages); go-karting or paint ball (for big kids, with tough skin!); and wine-tasting or life-drawing (for the biggest kids only).

Some venues will offer party packages in addition to the main activity – if you like the sound of simply enjoying the party while someone else looks after the food, drink, supervision, entertainment and cleaning up, this might be a good option for you.


Always lots of fun for all, games are another excellent birthday party idea – even the grumpiest of guests will usually defrost if you involve them in a party game.

There are lots of birthday party games that can be played with kids, from the traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” and “Duck, Duck, Goose” for the younger ones to more creative games like newspaper fashion shows (make your own designer outfit out of the morning paper) or “Celebrity Head” for the older children.

Charades and drawing games are always a popular option for teens and adults, or a trivia game based around the guest of honour. Be very careful with drinking games at adult parties – keep things under control and make sure the losers (and the winners, for that matter) get safely home.

Enjoy yourself!

With a little early planning and a couple of fun birthday party ideas, you’ll be able to put together an enjoyable and memorable celebration. Enlist helpers if you need them and, wherever you can, pay someone to the hard work for you – whether you’re planning a birthday party for yourself or someone close to you, the best thing you can do on the big day is relax and enjoy!

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