16th birthday parties

Birthday party venues

Tips to help you choose the perfect party venue

If the idea of hosting a party at home fills you with dread – or you’re just looking for something different and fun for your next birthday party – your best bet is to look into hiring a special birthday party venue for the big event. A little research is all it takes to help you find a birthday party venue that will ensure a memorable day for you and your guests.


First, put together a rough guest list so you can estimate approximately how many people you want to invite. This will help narrow down the options – most birthday party venues will specify a minimum and maximum number of guests they can cater for.

Consider also the ages of your guests – tailor activities according to age. If your birthday party will include both kids and adults, you’ll need to ensure there is entertainment to suit all ages.


Aim to book your party venue well in advance to ensure you get a date that suits you. It pays to be a little flexible though – if you can come up with a few options that you’re happy with, you’re likely to have a wider selection of birthday party venues available to you.


Try to choose a location that is easy for your guests to get to and from. Not everyone drives, and if it’s a party with adults there may well be alcohol involved – play it safe by choosing a venue that is easily accessible by public transport and close to taxi ranks.


Ideally, the birthday party venue will be able to provide a private space for you and your guests so you can enjoy each other’s company in piece. Find out if the birthday party venue has a party room or designated private area you can use.

Activities / Entertainment

For a truly stress-free party that’s lots of fun for all ages, look for a birthday party venue that offers a main activity or entertainment as part of the package – for example, ice skating or karaoke are always good options for both kids and adults.


Many birthday party venues offer food and beverage packages as part of the hire service, so you can sit back and eat and drink with your guests. Keep the catering simple and keep it coming – there’s nothing worse than hungry guests, so check make sure your venue has lots of food on the menu. No need to provide anything too fancy; finger food items like party pies, spring rolls, bruschetta and mini pizzas are traditional party fare for a reason – everyone likes them!


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