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Girls’ Birthday Parties

Planning the perfect girls’ birthday party

A well-planned girls’ birthday party is the perfect way to make your daughter, niece, granddaughter or other little girl in your life feel special on their big day. Happy childhood memories last for a long time – by putting a little thought into the planning, you can give the birthday girl a party she will remember for years to come.

In the midst of all the chaotic scheduling and organising, it can be easy to forget the best way to ensure the party’s success is to involve the birthday girl in the planning process.

If she is old enough, sit the birthday girl down and ask her what she wants – you could offer some options for the theme of the party, the colour of the decorations or the type of birthday cake and let her choose the ones she likes best.

If she’s a little younger or you’d prefer to keep it simple, make note of her favourite colour, singer, cartoon character, or activity, and build your girls’ birthday party theme around one (or all) of these ideas. Not only will this point you in the right direction and focus your planning, it’ll be a nice bonding experience for you both.

While girls’ birthday parties tend to be a little less wild that boys’ parties, keeping the party structured will ensure things stay under control; plan to have games and/or a main activity to keep everyone entertained. You might consider holding the event at a party venue that takes care of the party schedule and entertainment to reduce the stress of the day.

Whether you’re holding the event at home or at a dedicated party venue, a dress-up theme will add to the excitement of the day for the birthday girl and the guests. Younger girls will enjoy a “fairy” or “princess” themed girls’ birthday party that lets them wear fairy wings and princess crowns; older girls will love dressing up at their favourite pop star. For mixed groups of girls and boys, pirate parties, mermaid parties or “spooky” parties are always fun for all.

If you’re hosting a girls’ birthday party for pre-teens or teens, you might like to have a look at teen’s birthday parties for some handy advice.


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