Social Events

Tips for planning a great social event

With some good preparation and a little creative thinking, social events can be a great ice breaker and lots of fun for all. There’s nothing more enjoyable than getting a group of good friends together for a big bash, but planning a social event for people who know each only other from work – or not at all – is a little bit trickier. A badly-executed social event can be at best boring and at worst, excruciating.

Whether you’re planning an office party or a social club outing, here are some handy tips to keep in mind when preparing for your next social event:

Guest list

Start by putting together a rough guest list to give you a better sense of what your requirements will be. The size of your party will inform many of your planning decisions, including choice of venue, activities and catering needs.


Consider what will be the most convenient location for your guests; choose somewhere central with ample parking. Aim to find somewhere that is close to public transport, particularly if you’ll be serving alcohol at your social event. If your guests will be travelling large distances, consider hiring a bus or – if you’ve got the budget – arranging overnight accommodation.


Think about all the elements you want to include in your social event (catering, activities, entertainment, speeches etc.) and look for a venue with the facilities to accommodate you. Don’t make your guests venue-hop – find somewhere that offers everything you need under one roof.


Make sure your guests are well-fed and watered. A canapé-style function will work well for most social events – people will appreciate the opportunity to mingle rather than be stuck with the same group all night.


Aim to structure the social event around a fun activity or arrange some unique entertainment – it’ll give everyone something to talk about and make the event a memorable one.


Above all, sit back and enjoy yourself at the event – show your guests how it’s done. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if everything goes to plan as long as everyone feels they can relax and have a good time. Make good use of the venue staff – they are there to help your event run smoothly.

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