Team Building Events

Tips for planning a successful team building event

Team-building events can have multiple benefits – they can improve the way a group of people works together, boost productivity, increase employee job satisfaction and enhance communication of business goals and objectives.

A successful team building event should help your employees or colleagues develop the specific skills to build a team-oriented environment, in which everyone contributes to the overall success of the organisation. It should also be enjoyable – fun and laughter with a group is one of the quickest and easiest ways to foster solid interpersonal relationships.

A well-planned exercise in team building will do all these things. Here are few tips to keep in mind when putting together a team building event:

  • Hold your team building event off-site – getting away from the office will reduce distractions and make it easier for your employees to open their minds to new ways of thinking.
  • Make venue selection easier by starting with a list of what you’ll need (size and layout of space, technical equipment, catering facilities etc.).
  • Keep the day interesting; balance serious sections about the future of the business or troubleshooting workshops with a fun social activity or mini awards ceremony.
  • Include some physical activity in the day to keep energy levels high. Take into account the ages and fitness of your participants and choose an activity that will suit all levels.
  • Break up the day’s main activities with a few fun team games peppered throughout, such as scavenger hunts, puzzles or Lego competitions.
  • To extend the impact of the team building event well beyond the day, hire a photographer or cameraman. Email the best photos around and post them on your website, or give hard copies to the participants so they can take them home and show their families. Show an edited version of the video – with music and graphics – at the next group meeting or social function.
  • Consider engaging a motivational speaker to whip up a bit of excitement and inspiration. There’s not much that’s more stirring than listening to a good communicator talk about their path to success.
  • Schedule follow-up sessions after your team building event to re-emphasise the lessons learned on the day and assess the team’s progress.

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