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The arrival of Medibank Icehouse has turned ice sports into the latest ‘big thing’ in Melbourne.

Medibank Icehouse, with affiliated ice sports associations, offers the opportunity to partake in programs dedicated to any of the major ice sports - figure skating, ice hockey, short-track speed skating and curling.

Figure skating is an athletic sport combining high energy and physical skill with grace, art and musical interpretation. If you like the sound of dancing on ice, this is the perfect sport for you.

If you’re looking for something a little more fast-paced, you might like speed skating. Short track speed skating - or Ice racing - is an Olympic sport that brings strength, fitness, strategy and fearlessness together to produce athletes who push themselves to the extreme as they race toward the line.

Ice Hockey is action-packed and exciting, and has been a part of the Victorian sporting scene for over 100 years. Ice Hockey is a fantastic opportunity to have fun with friends while getting some exercise and learning new sporting skills.

Curling is played by over two million people in 33 countries around the world, and has been an Olympic Sport since 1998.  Over 500 years old, curling is a game of fitness and finesse; a combination of strategy and skill.

If you like the sound of any of the four major ice sports, take this opportunity to come and try something new at Medibank Icehouse in Docklands.

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