Icehouse Figure Skating Academy (FSA) Classes

Medibank Icehouse offers a range of classes and team training opportunities within the Figure Skating Academy:


 JULY Holidays FSA CAMP "Skating Around The World" - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!

  • Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th July
  • 8:00am off ice warm up, 8:30am-10:45am and 3pm-4pm on ice, 11am-3pm off ice, concludes at 4:30pm (5pm on wednesdays)
  • Includes healthy lunch, skater info and development sessions, off-ice training, guest speakers and more!
  • Levels Intermediate 2 to Freeskate 4 and ISA Preliminary, Elementary, Pre-Primary and Primary
  • camp fees $320 for full camp

Please contact or call (03) 8631 3997 for all enquiries


TERM 3 FSA Class Enrolments OPEN SOON!

Pease CLICK HERE to enrol online 

Select "Figure Skate Academy" from the menu bar, and select your class from the list

contact for all FSA enrolment enquiries

Term Dates 2014
Term 1:
28th January to 4th April 2014
Term 2: 22nd April - 27th June 2014 
Term 3: 14th July to 19th September 2014
Term 4: 6th October - 19th December 2014


FSA Rising Stars & Elite Rising Stars - Edges, Speed and Power - FSA Advanced Program

Rising Stars and Elite Rising Stars:

  • Rising Stars is an elite level developmental program designed for skaters who are Aussie Skate Freeskate 1 level and above.  Classes takes place on Wednesday evenings. Skaters in Freeskate 3 level to ISA Preliminary are eligible for our Elite Rising Stars group.  The Rising Stars and Elite Rising Stars Program is a bridge program from our Skate School to our Figure Skating Academy Advanced Class program, and to competitive figure skating. 
  • Wednesday 5:15pm-6:00pm, term cost is $250 for 10 week Term.
  • Combined FSA Rising Stars Package PLUS Moves in the Field: $380 for 10 week Term. Includes the Moves in the Field class: Normally $18 per class SAVE $50!!

FSA Advanced Training Program: (ISA Elementary to ISA Novice): 

  • Intensive group training for skaters who are in ISA Elementary test level to ISA Novice test level.
  • Wednesdays 6:45pm-7:15pm $200 for 10 week term.
  • Combined FSA Advanced Training Program package PLUS Moves In the Field: $330 for 10 week term. Includes the Moves in the Field class: Normally $18 per class SAVE $50!!


Edges Speed and Power class (Kill Drills):

  • Edges, Speed and Power class focusses on improving skating skills such as speed and flow - important for all competitiove level skaters! Also included test patterns for the Australian National Testing structure (ISA pattern Tests). These patterns focus on skills like power, extension, edges, turns and flexibility, and are recommended for Free Skate level and above.  
  • Wednesday, 6.00pm-6.30pm FULL TERM ENROLMENTS AVAILABLE! $180 for full term 10 weeks


Novice Synchronised Skating Team "Harmony" :

  • Team training for Novice level Synchro team skaters 
  • Term 3 Classes commence 16th July.
  • Wednesdays 4:30pm-5:15pm plus off ice 6:00-6:30pm  $250 for 10 week term.

Ice Dance Class -Senior and Junior Development Squads

  • Ice Dance is one of the most beautiful divisions of figure skating, and focuses on musicality, presentation and flow.  Whether you are interested in competing, using it to enhance your solo skating, or just being social, Ice Dance can benefit skaters in many ways.  The primary instructors for these programs are Mark Hochmann, and Katherine Firkin, however other instructors may substitute the class from time to time.
  • Saturdays 8am-9am $234 for the 9 week term

Want to start ice dance??  Enrol first in Skate School Ice Dance level 1 - designed for skaters of all ages to lean the basics of Ice Dance and dance patterns (Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Swing Dance and Fiesta Tango). For skaters who've passed Intermediate 2 / Adult 3 level and above.

Off-Ice Ballet For Skaters 

  • Classical Ballet is an essential training tool for all figure skaters, and this class is open to skaters of all levels and ages.  This class is designed to enhance posture, turn-out, musicality, presentation and flexibility.  This class will be running on a drop-in only basis.  The primary instructor for this class is Svetlana Maskevich, however, other instructors may substitute the class from time to time. This class will always follow the conclusion of the last thursday evening Freestyle session -
  • TERM 3 8 week term from Thursday 30th July to 17th September 7pm-8pm: FULL TERM ENROLMENT ONLY   $120 for the 8 week term

 "On Edge"  - Adult Synchronised Skating Team and "Finesse" -Open Synchronised Skating Team

On Edge is our resident Adult Synchronized Skating team, and Finesse is the newest addition to the program, aimed at providing Synchronised team opportunity for skaters of all ages.  The teams are currently preparing to compete at Victorian State Championships and the National Championships under the direction of coach, Amber Briant. If you are interested in joining in the team, or the Open Synchro Team "Finesse" .  For more information please contact

"Melbourne Stars" Theatre on Ice Team

The Youth Theatre on Ice Team have competed at the National Federation Challenge in Canberra, the Dragon City Trophy, and have also performed at the Crystal Challenge competition here at the Icehouse. The 2013 Team are training under the instruction of Olympian and former mens National champion Cameron Medhurst. Skaters Freeskate 1 and above  are welcome to join the subject to available places. Please contact the programs department for more information

TOI Term Dates 2013-
Term 1:
 2nd February - 30th March
Term 2: 27th April - 22nd June
Term 3: 20th July - 14th September
Term 4: 12th October - 14th December (includes Christmas Show performances in December)

Cost: Upfront term payment based on $25 per week for the 8-10 week term. This cost includes ice time, off-ice practice (as required) and coaching fees. Costumes and competition costs are additional.To be eligible  for the team skaters must be Freeskate level and above and aged under 15 years.  Register: If you are interested in joining the team please contact

Adult Coffee Club

Mondays at 9:30am to 10:30am.  Adult Coffee Club is open to Adults over the age of 18 who are skating at an Adult 3 level and above.  This class includes free public skating on the day of the class, and focuses on edges, turns and general skating skills in a fun and social way.  This class will be running on a drop-in only basis.  The primary instructor for this class is Dorothy Bisset, however, other instructors may subsitute the class from time to time - $22 per class

For more information, please contact us at:
(03) 8631 3997


Programs Refund Policy

A full or partial refund will be issued if:

  1. Medibank Icehouse is unable to provide the program that the participant originally paid for due to lack of demand, technical issues or rescheduling.
  2. Severe injury or illness prevents the participant from beginning or completing the full program.

Full or partial credit will be issued if:

  1. Minor injury or illness prevents the participant from beginning or completing the full program.
  2. The participant is not suited for the particular program they’ve registered for, and is moved to another program. In this case, the credit from the original program will be used to fund the new program.

Refund or credit will not be issued in cases in which:

  1. The participant is not interested in completing the program.
  2. The participant’s availability changes, and they are unable to complete the program.
  3. The participant engages in abusive, immoral or disruptive behavior towards Medibank Icehouse staff or visitors, and is dismissed from the venue.

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