Ice Hockey Drop In Sessions

Medibank Icehouse host a number of drop in sessions for ice hockey players to get together and practice their skills or take part in a game. Medibank Icehouse understands there is a high demand for ice time for ice hockey players to hit the ice. For this reason Medibank Icehouse will add additional Drop In sessions when ice time becomes available. 


Stick & Puck is a Drop-In Ice Hockey practice session for adults and kids to come together and sharpen their ice hockey skills. Stick & Puck is a training session, not an actual game, so it’s a great opportunity to just hit the puck around with friends and practice shooting goals.

Costs: $20 per person
Duration: 1.5 hours
Times: click here
Full equipment is not required. Helmets are mandatory, and are not provided by Medibank Icehouse. Sticks and pucks also need to be brought from home. Pucks are available for purchase at the front desk.
Bookings: Stick and Puck Sessions are drop in only and cannot be booked. Numbers are limited, participants are accepted on a first in basis.


Adult Drop In Ice Hockey sessions run several times throughout the week, additional sessions will be added when ice time becomes available so keep your eye on the schedule. Drop In Hockey is an actual game, not a training session. It is an adults-only game, all player must be over 18.

Costs: $20 per person. Goalies play for free.
Duration: 1.5 hours
Times: click here
Medibank Icehouse provided jersey's in navy or white to split participants into two teams per session. Photo ID must be left as a deposit and jersey's must be return at the completion of the session.
Equipment: Full ice hockey gear is necessary, and not provided by Medibank Icehouse.  Pucks are not provided, but are available to purchase at the front desk, or you can simply bring one from home.
Bookings: Adult Drop In Hockey Sessions are drop in only and cannot be booked. Numbers are limited, participants are accepted on a first in basis.

For more information please contact us at:
Phone - 03 8631 3997

*Please check the schedule before making your way to the Medibank Icehouse as session times can change.

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