The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics were a fantastic success for three young skaters who call the Medibank Icehouse home.

Speed skaters Deanna Lockett and Pierre Boda, as well as figure skater Brooklee Han were members of the largest Australian Winter Olympic team in history, joining the 60 athletes donning the green and gold in Russia earlier this year.

Since the close of the Olympics on February 23, they have continued their pursuit of ice skating excellence, participating in further international competitions. They’ve each taken a break from their busy schedules to give us a run down on their Olympic experience and thoughts on the Medibank Icehouse.

Deanna Lockett | Short Track Speed Skating

Deanna hails from Brisbane, Queensland where she first strapped on the skates at the age of 9.  Eager to cut laps around the others at public skating sessions, she soon decided to try her hand at speed skating. This soon grew into a passion, and Deanna’s family relocated to Melbourne so she could train at the Medibank Icehouse.

This turned out to be an excellent decision, with Sochi marking 18 year old Deanna’s Winter Olympic debut. It was a successful Olympics finishing with an overall position of 9th in the female Short Track, 26th in 1500m and a chance to represent her country on the world’s biggest sporting stage.

“It’s a whole new experience that nobody can expect until [they’ve] done it themselves. It was such an honour to represent my country and to have everyone supporting me. I am so grateful to have had such a unique experience that so few people get to have in their lives.”

We look forward to welcoming Deanna back to the Medibank Icehouse, as she sets her sights on South Korea in 2018.

Pierre Boda | Short Track Speed Skating

Pierre started skating not long after he learnt to walk, at the tender age of 6. Inspired by a speed skater at his sister’s birthday party, he soon signed up with his local club.

Like Deanna, Sochi was Pierre’s first Winter Olympic experience and he departed Russia with an overall place of 30th in the 500m Men’s Short Track.

Pierre has continued his speed skating campaign in the wake of the Olympics, recently competing in the World Championships in Montreal, where he finished with an impressive result of 15th in the distance event and 21st overall. Pierre will soon be turning his thoughts towards his return to Melbourne and ahead to South Korea.

“The Icehouse has played a big role in making it to where I am today. I’ve been training and working [there] for just under four years and...I’ve definitely got my sights set on 2018.”

Brooklee Han | Figure Skating

Brooklee grew up in Connecticut, USA but has green and gold running through her veins with her father being Australian. While she lives and trains in the US, Medibank Icehouse is her Australian home.

“I love the Icehouse facilities and I think it is one of the best rinks in the world. It has two fantastic sheets of ice, a great gym and a beautiful ballet room! Everything an international figure skater could need or want to train at an elite level.”

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics was not only Brooklee’s first Olympic appearance, but also an opportunity to get to know her Australian team mates.  She certainly stepped it up in the ladies’ free skate competition, finishing with an amazing effort of 20th place overall.

Just like Pierre and Deanna, Brooklee has also turned her gaze towards 2018 and we hope to see her skating with us down under at the Medibank Icehouse on the road to South Korea.

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