1.5 hour Sessions

Introduce your students to ice skating in a fun, supervised environment.

Intro to Skating – $12 per student

Our most popular schools program which includes a 30 minute introductory skating lesson from one of our qualified coaches and 1 hour of free skate time to show off their new skills!

Advanced Lesson – $13 per student

Already had an introductory lesson or know how to skate? Then the advanced lesson could be the option for you. The lesson includes learning how to skate backwards!

Rec Skate – $10 per student

If your students already know how to skate then this is the option for you. Our coaches will still run through the safety brief but there’s no structured lesson so the kids are free to skate by themselves.

Curling – $14 per student

Not keen for skating? Curling is an all-ages, all-abilities target sport which is a great alternative to ice skating.

1.5 hour sessions are run during the school day from 9 – 4pm. To book, click on the blue button to the right hand side of the page.



Alternate programs:

Please note the above pricing is for primary and secondary schools only.